Looking through paintings

Leids Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 11

Erma Hermens (ed.)

The articles in this volume focus on an area of study that has become known informally as 'technical art history'. However, they not only discuss painting techniques, materials and studio practice, but also show how concepts are translated into substance - how 'invenzione' becomes 'disegno' and' colore'. In this volume we move from the general to the particular - from global sources of pigment supply to the specifics of extracting dyestuffs in 17th century Holland, from the medieval concepts of colour to vivid glimpses of 19th-century London studios. This collection of articles demonstrates the great importance of painting techniques and materials for art historical research.

1998, 520 pag., ca. 270 ill., 120 fc, bound
ISBN 978-90-6801-575-1


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