When weaving flourished

The Silk Industry in Amsterdam and Haarlem 1585-1750

Sjoukje Colenbrander

In the time of the Dutch Republic, the towns of Amsterdam and Haarlem were the centre of a flourishing silk industry. This little-known area of the Dutch textile industry has now been thoroughly studied for the first time. The book not only paints a fascinating picture of the organization of the silk weavers’ workshops, the looms and the fabrics, it also offers a glimpse into the lives of those involved: the weavers, the designers of the patterns, and the manufacturers who employed them. Sjoukje Colenbrander is an independent textile historian and leading authority on the Dutch silk industry. In 2009 she was the first to receive the Dave Aronson Prize for her research into the silk industry in Amsterdam and Haarlem. This book, published by Aronson Publishers, is distributed by Primavera Pers.

2013, 239 pag., 95 ill. in fc, pb
ISBN 978-949078-205-4


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