Launch of photo book The North Koreans

Our long-expected photo book The North Koreans. Glimpses of Daily Life in the DPRK will be presented on Sunday 20 November.

This very special book – exciting and unsettling at the same time – presents “unofficial” North Korea. It shows how people live their daily lives against the backdrop of totalitarian ideology. The selection of images presented in The North Koreans mainly consists of photographs by Martin Tutsch, Eric Lafforgue, and Raymond K. Cunningham Jr., the photographers said to have “the best coverage” where the DPRK is concerned. Primavera Pers is especially proud that Martin Tutsch was prepared to cooperate in this project. The book not only has a documentary value; the lines and colours of architecture, landscape and the calligraphy of the ubiquitous slogans and announcements are often strangely aesthetic. An important and disturbing book.


Nieuwe bestandscatalogus Teylers Museum

Op vrijdag 4 november aanstaande vindt in Teylers Museum (Haarlem) de opening plaats van de tentoonstelling Renaissance in Teylers. Bovendien is er de feestelijke presentatie van de vierde bestandscatalogus van het museum. The Netherlandish Drawings of the 16th Century in Teylers Museum, een co-publicatie van het museum en Primavera Pers, is vanaf die dag ook in de boekhandel verkrijgbaar.

Aan de nieuwe catalogus is jaren gewerkt. Kunsthistorici Ilja Veldman en Yvonne Bleyerveld bestudeerden en beschreven voor dit project 250 tekeningen van 16e-eeuwse meesters uit de museumcollectie.