About Primavera Pers

Primavera Pers was founded in 1992 by Evelyn de Regt, who had previously worked for SDU/Gary Schwartz. The first few years Primavera Pers focused on publications on art-historical topics. Over the course of time, the publishing house expanded into regional history and cultural history, and also started publishing literary works (with an emphasis on classic books).


We devote a lot of resources to the editorial process and to ensuring the quality and colours of illustrations. We try to find the right form and designer for every book.

Foreign distribution

John Rule Art Books distributes our English-language books abroad. These books can be ordered throughout Europe via Marston Book Services in Abingdon (UK). We make individual agreements when it comes to distribution in the United States.


The fixed team at Primavera Pers consists of: Evelyn de Regt (director, various tasks), Mieneke Hage (finances), Anna Beerens (editing), Franceline Pompe (PR/promotion and sales) and Josho Brouwers (online; educational books).

In addition, we work with a number of freelancers.