Starter and Oil of the Leiden Bio Science Park

Door Cor Smit

Op voorraad

The Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is one of the most important biotechnological and biomedical clusters in Europe. Business, science, healthcare and education, supported by the local government, form a powerful combination in the field of Life Sciences. The BioPartner Foundation plays a key role, as did its predecessor, the Academic Business Center (ABC).

BioPartner houses and supports more than seventy companies and businesses in four multi-company buildings. A fifth is under construction. Almost two-thirds of the independently established companies and institutions in the park had their start in BioPartner/ABC.

This richly illustrated book describes the fascinating and sometimes surprising history of BioPartner/ABC in conjunction with that of the LBSP. In 1982 Science Park and ABC were not yet on any policy drawing board. Two years later, both were realized and there was close cooperation between the municipality, the business community and the university, although this initially went in fits and starts.

From the outset, starting Life Science entrepreneurs found a place at BioPartner/ABC, as well as support or assistance with housing. BioPartner/ABC was (and continues to be) the starter motor and the lubricating oil of the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Also available in Dutch.

Hardcover, 2019, 240 blz., 25 ill. in kleur

ISBN 978-90-5997-328-2


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