Dutch and Flemish artists in Britain 1550-1750

Leids Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 13

Door Juliette Roding (redacteur), Eric Jan Sluijter (redacteur)

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During the period 1550-1750 Dutch artists and Dutch culture had a considerable influence in the British Isles. This book addresses many themes concerning the role of artists and works of art from the Netherlands. Attention is given to the patronage and collecting policy of the English king, and the role William III and Dutch courtiers in his circle played in disseminating Dutch culture.

The influence of English ambassadors to the Dutch Republic is also dicussed, as many a Netherlandish artist owed his fame in England to the agency of these learned men. Other subjects are the careers of individual artists who crossed the North Sea, the interest in Netherlandish genres such as topographical paintings and hunting scenes, and aspects of architecture and the decorative arts.

Finally, this publication looks at the impact of Dutch art on the specializations and styles of English artists.

Hardcover, 2003, 318 blz., 124 ill., 12 ill. in kleur

ISBN 978-90-74310-83-3


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